Charles Bridge over the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic

Cross this bridge if you dare

2019-10-31 819
Straw-colored fruit bats in Kasanka National Park, Zambia

And the skies filled with bats…

2019-10-30 647
Fort Rock Valley Historical Homestead Museum, Oregon

A night on the (ghost) town

2019-10-29 573
Devotees light oil lamps on the banks of the Sarayu River in Ayodhya, India

A festival of lights in India

2019-10-28 747
Klaus Littmann's 'FOR FOREST: The Unending Attraction of Nature' in Wörthersee Stadion, Klagenfurt, Austria

'FOR FOREST' by Klaus Littmann

2019-10-27 546
Ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar for World Lemur Day

The lemurs of Madagascar

2019-10-26 681
Hancock-Greenfield Bridge (aka County Bridge) in New Hampshire

Bridge of Hillsborough County

2019-10-25 558
A polar bear family near the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Polar bear capital of the world

2019-10-24 865
Blackbird eating a crab apple in a garden in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Bobbing for crab apples

2019-10-23 871
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, 1959

The Guggenheim turns 60

2019-10-22 501
Pale-throated sloth perched in a tree on Sloth Island, near Bartica on the Essequibo River, Guyana

Meet the slowest flirt in the animal world

2019-10-21 691
Aerial view of a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay, California

The height of pumpkin season

2019-10-20 717