The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater rehearsing 'Uptown,' 2009, New York

Celebrating Black history

2024-02-18 715
Female pyrrhuloxia perched on cactus plant, Texas

Make every bird count

2024-02-17 654
Hippopotamus mother and calf, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Happy Hippo Day!

2024-02-16 618
Red-crowned crane bowing to his mate in Hokkaido, Japan

The dance of romance

2024-02-15 641
Mardi Gras beads in the Marigny, New Orleans

Let the good times roll!

2024-02-14 736
Volcán Alcedo giant tortoises, Isabela Island, Galápagos, Ecuador

Giants of science

2024-02-13 508
Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece

Elysium on the edge

2024-02-12 566
Artists performing the dragon dance for Chinese New Year, Luzhou, China

Enter the dragons

2024-02-11 606
Pegadung Rock, Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia

Rocks and rolling surf

2024-02-10 655
Mount Hood, Oregon

A sleeping giant

2024-02-09 821
St. James Tidal Pool, Cape Town, South Africa

Swimming with the tide

2024-02-08 709
Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Taking root on Bonsai Rock

2024-02-07 761