The moon seen from the Orion spacecraft of NASA's Artemis mission

Celebrating our lunar neighbor

2023-07-21 829
Crescent Lake near Dunhuang, Gansu province, China

This oasis is no mirage

2023-07-20 709
Great hornbill, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

This bird is peak beak

2023-07-19 643
Cloughoughter Castle in Lough Oughter, County Cavan, Ireland

No moat required

2023-07-18 882
Bear Hole Brook, Catskill Mountains, New York

Babbling on and on

2023-07-17 726
Castelmezzano, Italy

A postcard-perfect landscape

2023-07-16 625
Blacktip reef sharks, Maldives

A shiver of sharks on the hunt

2023-07-15 765
Zhangye Danxia National Geopark, Gansu province, China

Walking a rocky rainbow

2023-07-14 780
Sand bar in Nakupenda Beach Nature Reserve, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The world's most exclusive beach?

2023-07-13 708
Hong Kong SAR

A sea of humanity

2023-07-12 583
Field of lavender, Somerset, England

A scented sea of purple

2023-07-11 959
Moselle River loop, Kröv, Germany

In the loop

2023-07-10 644