Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands

A monster view in Scotland

2020-08-23 627
Multicolored lobster buoys, Acadia National Park, Maine

Lobster tales

2020-08-22 548
The Highlands of Iceland

Up in the Highlands

2020-08-21 684
A group of curious emperor penguins in Antarctica

Freeze frame

2020-08-20 914
Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee

Women's suffrage at 100

2020-08-19 551
Borobudur in central Java, Indonesia

A giant relic in Java

2020-08-18 638
An adult burrowing owl emerges from its burrow at sunset in Davis, California

Here's looking at you

2020-08-17 693
Caves and coastal features at low tide on the Bay of Fundy, near St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada

Celebrating the Acadians

2020-08-16 682
A view of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park from Hunts Mesa, Navajo Nation, between Arizona and Utah

In the Navajo Nation for Code Talkers Day

2020-08-15 685
Matera, Italy

Life in the slow lane

2020-08-14 837
Fossil skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex

King of the dinosaurs

2020-08-13 807
Bioluminescent sea fireflies along the shore of Okayama, Japan

Sea fireflies at the seashore

2020-08-12 935