Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China

Take the stairs

2020-01-09 818
Jupiter and its moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto

Jupiter and the Galilean moons

2020-01-08 673
Trakai Island Castle Museum in Trakai, Lithuania

'Have fun storming the castle'

2020-01-07 929
Burrowing parrots in Las Lajas, Argentina

Digging the birds

2020-01-06 639
Sperm whale mother and albino baby swimming off the coast of Portugal

Celebrating whales—and a whale of a tale

2020-01-05 870
'Field of Light at Sensorio,' by Bruce Munro, Paso Robles, California

'Field of Light at Sensorio' by Bruce Munro

2020-01-04 905
The whirlpool in Myllykoski scenic area, Oulanka National Park, Kuusamo, Finland

Winter in the Finnish wilds

2020-01-03 992
A mountain hare hunkers down in a snowstorm, the Cairngorms, Scotland

Napping away New Year's Day

2020-01-02 668
Fireworks for New Year's Eve in Backnang, Germany

3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year!

2020-01-01 755
Saguaro cacti in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona

Sky island views

2019-12-31 771
German ski jumper Markus Eisenbichler competing in the Four Hills Tournament, Innsbruck, Austria, on January 3, 2018

Helloooooo, Innsbruck

2019-12-30 548
Trumpeter swans at Kelly Warm Springs, near Kelly, Wyoming

Did they forget to fly south?

2019-12-29 938